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Gina Wilson

Ignis | Paperback

Ignis | Paperback

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A powerful and moving tale of self-discovery, stunningly illustrated by a double Kate Greenaway Medallist. Ignis, the young dragon, lives at the foot of a steep mountain in a secret place called Dragonland. He has fiery red scales, flaring nostrils and magnificent wings. He can run the fastest and fly the highest. But Ignis is sad, for he has no fire. And a dragon without fire, he thinks, is not a real dragon at all. So one dawn Ignis sets off from his home in Dragonland on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. Along the way, he feels a warmth stir deep inside him as he forges new and special friendships - especially with Cara, a real little girl. Together they share some wonderful times - swapping stories, frightening monsters, flying up past the stars...But at the end of it all, alone on top of the mountain, will Ignis find the spark he needs to be a really real dragon? This is a preloved book

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