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Counting Syllable (With white board marker pen) | FREE SHIPPING

Counting Syllable (With white board marker pen) | FREE SHIPPING

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Understanding syllables is an important part of phonics literacy.
This kit helps kids to practice separating and counting syllables within a word. But what exactly is a syllable, and how we do explain the concept to children?

A syllable is a single part of a word that contains a vowel sound. Most of the time, it also contains consonants, but not always, so listen for the vowel sounds and you’ll be able to distinguish the syllables.
With dis kit I have given 🌟 definition sheet
🌟 6 Rules for counting Syllable
🌟syllable practice sheet
🌟answer sheet
🌟 main page of activity ( thick sun board )
Usually teachers or parent refer to a syllable as the “beat” of a word, so the word banana contains three beats or vowel sounds: ba, na, and na. Bus has only one vowel sound or syllable.
We have make it easier way to demonstrate and explain the concept of syllables to children is to say a word, and write the same work on the blank space given on hand or clap your hand during each vowel sound.
Kids will love to practice counting syllables in words in a fun way .
Wipe n clean sheet
With white board marker pen

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