The Power of Words: Change Your Vocabulary Change Your Outlook in Life In 31 Days


Anthony M. VanDyke, graduated from Chowan College and Alumni of Liberty University. Immediately after graduating from college he became a sales account executive of a major fortune 500 company. Years later he became a successful real estate investor and taught the art of buying and selling houses. He started a successful mortgage brokerage company and taught financial seminars. He’s a life coach to all kinds of people. As a former athlete and coach many young people have benefited from his inspirational influence. He co-hosted a morning radio talk show, that inspired audiences all over the country, it was the largest Gospel radio network in the country.
His greatest inspiration for writing is his wife of nearly 20 years, and as she was battling cancer, The Power of Words came to life. They realized the words they declared carried life and death, yet they decided to speak nothing but positive things and that made all the difference in the healing and recovery.



A unique devotional that shows how to find deeper meaning in your words—and in your life.

The Power of Words takes ordinary words that we use daily and reveals their surprising potential to do both good and harm—showing how our spiritual lives can be shaped by our understanding of them. Just as the words of the Lord can uplift and guide us, so can the vocabulary we use with ourselves and others. Discover how important words can be, and harness their power for hope, healing, and success, in this inspiring book from an author who has been a business leader, an athletic coach, and a popular gospel radio personality.

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