The Furnace of Fire: An inspiring book bringing HOPE.


Elaine Ballard lives in the rural county of Somerset in the U.K. At the age of 22 she had a sporting accident which eventually left her 80 percent disabled and unable to lead a normal life. The accident caused crushed discs and a great deal of nerve damage. Over the years multi-level disc degeneration has set in as well as osteoarthritis. Using a wheelchair is not an option for Elaine as bulging discs prevent her from sitting at all. Since 1994 she has been confined to lying on a bed in the living room and only leaves her home to keep hospital appointments when she travels by stretcher ambulance. In 2015 the injuries progressed dramatically and Elaine was diagnosed with Arachnoiditis, a neurological condition of the spinal cord. Eventually, the condition changed into the disease called Adhesive Arachnoiditis. She is in the stages of paralysis in both legs, (Allodynia), and chronic and acute pain are Elaine’s constant companions. Elaine’s strong faith and relationship with Jesus Christ has been severely tested over these years. Medical harm, doctors unable or unwilling to help, depression, despair, suicide, unanswered prayer, loss of friends, chronic pain and so much more have caused her to seek answers from God. She has been on a journey of discovering a deeper form of trust and obedience in God through the fiery trials of Arachnoiditis. Elaine’s passion is to reach out and encourage other fellow sufferers, giving them HOPE to keep walking through the FURNACE OF FIRE. Giving up is not an option! The author has had many articles published on disability and faith, as well as writing a book on the joy of suffering.



BURNING FLARES! Agonizing muscle spasms! Unbearable neurological pain! Electric shocks! Uncontrollable twitching! Crawling insects! Numb weak legs, excruciating nerve pain! Paralysis! Bladder, bowel, sexual disfunction! Suicide! This is the life most sufferers of Arachnoiditis have to face each day. A devotional book giving hope for people with Arachnoiditis and chronic pain conditions……. Forest Tennant M.D., Dr. P.H., Author of over 300 scientific articles and books, Editor Emeritus of Practical Pain Management……I have often referred to Adhesive Arachnoiditis as the “Devil’s Own Disease”. It is a disease of great harm, deviousness and loneliness. It creates a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and fear. Elaine Ballard and “The Furnace of Fire” penetrates the veil of despair that this disease brings to its unfortunate victims. Readers, whether you have the disease or not, will develop an understanding of it, and the need of the victim and family to seek and find spiritual guidance. This book is critical at this point in time because the triad of an aging population, high prevalence of spine diseases, and risky medical interventions have resulted in thousands of cases of which some are now in every community. It is no longer a rare disease. “The Furnace of Fire” points us in a direction to begin the prevention and treatment of this “Devil’s Disease”. All interested parties should read this most timely and insightful book. Best wishes always. —-

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